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About the Show

The Show has no ideological, political, racial or religious, biases. The Show has a

relentless pursuit of the truth. The sources we use are obtained from historically verifiable documents,

personal accounts from those who were directly involved and from other reliable sources. This makes

the Daniel Jackson unique since most other shows are opinion based and merely regurgitate what other

shows are saying. This is unavoidable because all of the national network news outlets is sourced from,

only 3 major primary news aggregators in the US, UPI, United Press International, AP, Associated Press,

the New York Times.

Most people are probably unaware of this. And these 3 aggregators have been far left for decades some

dating back over 100 years ago. Virtually all national news is obtained from these 3 aggregators. The

New York Times is a good example of this, during the time of Nazi Germany, the New York Times was in

effect “in the bed” with Hitler propaganda campaign. This was in spite of the fact that the New York

Times, is and was owned by Jews.

We site the sources, that are used. The show’s Topics eposes how, why and when certain historical

events impacts today’s cultural norms and practices, such as The Ghetto Culture. The Show also explores

incendiary topics such as the difference between Systemic Racism and Institutional Racism and their

interrelation. It also exposes radical militant groups, both current and historical that has led the country

to a point of no return. It also exposes the Judicial system and other governmental practices that has

expanded the government beyond its Constitutional Authority. How there is only one party, with two

sides having the same goal and much more!

More important the show offers practical solutions to at least slow down the demies of the country. In

other words, we don’t just talk about the problems we have persuasive and practical ways to help to

reverse the direction these problems have taken the culture at large.

About the Host:

Age: Late teens,

Race: Human

Ancestry: Mixed

Political Affiliation: None

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